Beatrice Ngohemba Kohol

Beatrice Ngohemba Kohol
Phone: 07068013323
Gender: Female


Name: KOHOL, Beatrice Ngohemba
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 24 Jan. 1964
Place of Birth: Korinya City
Nationality: Nigeria
State: Benue State
LGA: Gboko
Contact Address: C/O Hemko Hospital, P.O.Box 1561, Makurdi
Phone No.: 07068013323
E-mail Address:
Religion: Christianity
Marital Status: Married
No. and ages of children: 3 children; (ages: 27,24,23)

Primary School: LGEA Primary School Gungul; Shangev Tiev (1972 - 1977)
Secondary School: Queen of the Rosary Secondary School, Gboko (1977-1982)
Post Secondary: College of Education, KlAla. (1983-1986)
University Education: University of Nigeria, Nsukka. (1997 - 2002)
Benue State University (2003 - 2006)
Benue State University (2006 - August 2011 )

a. First School Leaving Certificate (1977)
b. GCE 0' Level (1982)
c. Nigerian Certificate in Education, Home Economics, (NCE 1986)
d. Bachelor of Education (2002). Guidance and Counselling
e. Master of Education (2007). Guidance and Counselling
f. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Guidance and Counselling (2012)

a. Diploma in Master Life Discipleship course.
b. Diploma in Computer Applications

Women Model Education Centre as Instructor (1995 - 1996)
Benue State Teaching service Board, as Classroom teacher (1986).
Public Relations Officer (CASSON) 2015 till Date

a. CASSON (Counselling Association of Nigeria)
b. NISEP (Nigerian Society for Educational Psychologist)
c. ASSONT (Association of Nigerian Teachers)

a. CASSON 2012 at IFE
b. NISEP 2011 at BSU.
c. ASSONT 2013 at Benin City
d. NISEP 2014 at UAM
e. Urban Violence and Conflict 2014 (BSU)
f. NISEP Oct. 2016 (Owerri)


a. CASSON (Counselling Association of Nigeria)
b. NISEP (Nigerian Society for Educational Psychologist)
c. ASSONT (Association of Nigerian Teachers)


a. Kohol, B. N, lordaah T. A .& Akuto G.W. (2012)Social and Economic Insecurity challenged affecting Adjustment to Bereavement in Benue and Nasarawa States of Nigeria Counselling implication. Published in African Journal o f EducationaI studies vol2, issue3
b. lodaah, T.A & Kohol,B.N.(2012)Ways of unlocking creativity in Schools for sustainable development. Journal of Education And Policy Review Vol 4 p 7-14
c. lordaah, T. A .& KohoL,B.N. (2013) lmpact of motivation on Primary School children's learning in Makurdi metropolis. An assessment of Maslow's theory. Genderbased violence: implication for family and community development. International Journal of Education Review vol1 p 33-39.
d. Kohol, B. N. & lordaah ,T. A. (2013). Impact of Culture on Adjustment t Spousal Bereavement in Benue State and Nasarawa State of Nigeria: Counselling Implication Africa Journal of Arts, Science and Education(AJASEI). Vol 1 No1
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n. Akuto G, W. & Kohol B,N (2015) Cognitive Restructuring as an antidote for social insecurity arising from youth unemployment in Nigeria. Africa Journal of Arts, Science and Educational Issues (AJASET) Vol3 N01
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r. Kohol B.N (2017) Comparative analysis of Female and Male Vice Chancellors in the management of universities in Benue state: counseling implications. Journal of Educational Management and Supervision Vol1 No 1.
s. Kohol ,B.N & lordaah TA (20 15). Overcoming Examination Malpractice through effective use of positive & negative reinforcement in examination malpractice; Oeterents and solution by Abgoghoroma et al. Onitsha; Global academic group online 66 old market road
t. Kohol,B.N & lordaah, TA (2015) Challenges of media exposure of adolescents in secondary schools in makurdi metropolis in adolescents & behavior by Musa A.K & Obikeze . Publication of Nigerian society for educational psychologists.


Guidance and Councelling

Research Archive

Teacher's Guide to Assessment and Evaluation: Counselling Implications.


Undergraduate Level:
a. Introduction to Educational Psychology 1 (EDU1 01)
b. Introduction to Educational Psychology 11 (EDU 102)
c. Psychology of Learning (EDU322)
d. Philosophy of Education (EDU 201)
e .. Supervision of undergraduate students' projects
Post graduate Level:
a. Introduction to Educational Psychology (EDU006).
b. Principles of Guidance (GCE807).
c. Organizational Administration and Guidance (GCE901).
d. Theories of Counselling & Application (GCE804)
e. Supervision of Post- Graduate Students Project

a. Member College Welfare Draft Constitution.
b. Donated books to the UAM library for the enhancement of knowledge in the university community.
c. Member sandwich examination misconduct.
d. Member Sandwich Course Allocation Committee

a. Treasurer Neighbour-hood Bam: Providing loan facilities to neighbours for self- reliance and sustainability.
b. Chairman ECWA New GRA Bam: Members in need are assisted with loans. c. Public relations Officer (CASSON) 2015 to Date
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