Designation: Senior Lecturer
Email: esiefabukohwo@gmail.com
Gender: Male


OTHER NAME:..............................BUKOHWO MICHAEL
DATE OF BIRTH: ........................24 OCTOBER, 1970
MARTIAL STATUS:...................MARRIED
SEX: ....................................................MALE


•Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola (Formerly Federal University of Technology, Yola), 2012
•Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi, 2004
•University of Benin, Benin City, 1996
•National Teachers Institute, Kaduna (Affiliated to University of Sokoto), 2009
•University of Benin, Benin City, 1992
•Asoro Grammar School, Benin City, 1987
•Lagos City College, Lagos, 1988
•Ogbe Primary School, Benin City, 1982


•PHD Computer Science
•MSC Computer Science
•BSC (Hons) Computer Science
•Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
•Diploma in Data Processing
•Primary school Leaving Certificate

•Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)
•Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)


•Senior Lecturer: University of Agriculture, Makurdi. 2014-Date
•Senior Lecturer. Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi - 2011-2014
•Lecturer I. Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi. 2008-2010
•Lecturer II. Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi. 2005-2007
•Lecturer III. Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi.2002-2004
•Asst. Lecturer. Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi. 1998 – 2001
•NYSC, Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi, 1997- May, 1998


•Member, Computer Professional Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN)
•Member, Computer Society of Nigeria.
•Member, Association of Computing Machinery (ACM, USA)


1.The application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) by Women for Job creation and Poverty eradication in Nigeria: Being a paper presented at the 3rd National conference of WITED holding at Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro from 8th-11th October, 2012

2.Personnel Availability/Composition Risk Mitigation in Software Project: Being a Paper presented at the School of Business studies 3rd National Conference with the theme, ‘Transformation of Nigerian Economy: ‘Which way forward Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi from 25TH – 28TH April, 2012

3.Software Quality Assessment and Risk Management: Being a Paper presented at the 8th Annual National Conference with the theme, ‘Education and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Nigerian Educational System: The journey so far’ Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki from 14th – 18TH May, 2012

4.E-Commerce: A New Perspective Being a Paper presented at the School of Science and Technology (SOST) 2011 National Conference, Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi from 16TH – 18TH Feb., 2011

5.An Automated VAT Collection Systems: FIRS – Gombe Integrated Office: Being a Paper presented at the National conference of the Association of Science, Humanities and Educational Researchers of Nigeria (NASHER) at the University of Abuja from 15TH – 17TH JULY, 2009

6.Software Application for Patient Medical Administration and Scheduling System: Being a Paper presented at the National conference of the Association of Science, Humanities and Educational Researchers of Nigeria (NASHER) at the University of Abuja from 15TH – 17TH JULY, 2009

7.INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (A basis for business sustained development in the millennium): A paper presented at the national conference titled NIGERIA’S TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT IN THE NEXT MILLENNIUM: CHALLENGES AND EXPECTATIONS at the Federal Polytechnic, Mubi, Adamawa State, on Nov. 2 – 6, 1999.

8.The Internet: An Efficient Tool in Office Automation: Being a Paper presented at the School of Business Studies, Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi, 2nd National Conference on 11TH – 13TH JULY, 2007

9.Auditing of a Computer-Based Accounting System (CAS): Being a Paper presented at the School of Business Studies, Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi, 2nd National Conference on 11TH – 13TH JULY, 2007

10.A Theoretical Model of Educational Management Information System (EMIS) in Nigeria: Being a Paper presented at the School of Business Studies, Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi, 2nd National Conference on 11TH – 13TH JULY, 2007

11.Replacing Shorthand with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Tools/Techniques in the Secretarial Profession: Being a Paper presented at the School of Business Studies, Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi, 2nd National Conference on 11TH – 13TH JULY, 2007.

12.Capacity Building workshop on computer Statistical Package for lecturers in Tertiary institutions at the National Mathematical Centre, Abuja from 17th Sept- 21st Sept, 2012.

13.Millennium Development Goals Workshop for training of teachers on the new Curriculum. Organized by MDG Committee, FPTB from Sept. 1-5, 2008

14.Unesco Nigeria TVE Project on MS-powerpoint lecturers on E-lectures at Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi from 18th-20th Dec. 2006

15.Research Workshop on Research Development. Organized by Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi on 24th August, 2005.

Editorial Board Member of the following Journals

1.International Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering Technology and Sciences ISSN 2349-2819. http://www.ijarets.org/editorial-board.php

2.International Journal Series in Engineering Science (IJSES) ISSN: 2455-3328 http://ijseries.com/index.php/IJSES/about/editorialTeam

3.Singidunum Journal of Applied Sciences. Singidunum University. ISSN 2217-8090 http://journal.singidunum.ac.rs/editorial_board.html

1.Computerization of the Saving Accounts of Commercial Bank (1992)
2.Computerization of Employee Performance Appraisal System (1996)
3.Software prototyping in system Analysis and Design (2004)
4. Software Risk Management: A Formal Risk Assessment Approach for Software Development in Nigeria, Kenya and Zimbabwe. (2012)


1. Myom Michael Atu, Choji Davou Nyab and Esiefarienrhe B.M (2015). Forensic Crime Investigation System Using EBGM and PCA. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Computational and Applied Sciences (IJETCAS). 15(1) pp89-94. ISSN: 2279-0055. http://iasir.net/IJETCASpapers/IJETCAS15-759.pdf

2. Esiefarienrhe B.M and Atu Myom Michael (2015). The Design of Electoral Booth Monitor System. International Journal of Engineering, Business and Enterprise Applications (IJEBEA). ISSN: 2279-0039. 15(1). Pp 99-103.

3. Esiefarienrhe BM and Atu Myom Michael (2015). The Design of Real Time Crime Reporting System. American International Journal of Research in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics. ISSN: 2328- 3580. 13(2) pp.173-178. http://iasir.net/AIJRSTEMpapers/AIJRSTEM15-882.pdf

4. TokulaUmaha I., Esiefarienrhe B.M "Design and Implementation of a Two-Factor, One Time Password Authentication System", International Journal of Computer & organization Trends (IJCOT), V26(1):1-4 October 2015. ISSN:2249-2593. http://www.ijcotjournal.org/2015/volume-26/number-1/IJCOT-V26P301.pdf

5. Iorundu, Gabriel Shimasaan and Esiefarienrhe, Michael Bukohwo (2015). An Artificial Neural Network Model for Tiv Character Recognition (ANNTCR). Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences. Vol. 6 No. 10, Pp. 573-583. October 2015. ISSN: 2079-8407. http://cisjournal.org/journalofcomputing/archive/vol6no10/vol6no10_9.pdf

6. Iorundu, Gabriel Shimasaan and Esiefarienrhe B.M (2015). Development o f a Pixel Extractor System for Tiv Character Recognition. International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science & Technology 3(4) Pp. 46-49. ISSN: 2347 - 8446 http://ijarcst.com/doc/vol3issue4/gabriel.pdf

7. Esiefarienrhe B.M., Malik R.A., and Ataguba G.E. (2015). Development of Commuter Booking Software for Road Transport Company. International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887) 120(19). http://research.ijcaonline.org/volume120/number19/pxc3904339.pdf

8. Esiefarienrhe M.B. and Effiong M.E. (2014). Simulation of a Computer-Based Water Distribution System for Bauchi Metropolis. Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology. Published by American Research Institute for Policy Development. ISSN: 2334-2374. 2(2) pp. 87-100.

9. Esiefarienrhe M.B. and Bishams L. A. Assessing the Adoption of Electronic Commerce by Customers in Bauchi Metropolis. American International Journal of Comtemporary Scientific Research. ISSN: 2349-4425. 1(2) Pp. 67-74.

10. Esiefarienrhe, B.M. and Sule Philips Onyilo. Simulation of Computer Aided Learning using Games for JAMB Questions and Answers. International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering and Technology. ISSN: 2348-7968. 1(5). Pp. 532-538. http://ijiset.com/v1s5/IJISET_V1_I5_79.pdf

11. Esiefarienrhe, B.M and Djibo I., Irorakpor H.T. (2014). Computer-Based VAT Collection System for Federal Inland Revenue Service – Gombe Integrated Office. Global Journal of Engineering Science and Researches. ISSN: 2348 – 8034. 1(6). Pp. 23-28. http://www.gjesr.com/Issues%20PDF/Archive-2014/August-2014/4.pdf

12.Esiefarienrhe B.M. and Tivkaa M. L. Design and Implementation of a Tourist Portal for the Nigeria Tourist Board. International Journal of Engineering Research and Management Technology. ISSN: 2348-4039. 1(4). Pp. 58-67.

13. Esiefarienrhe B.M. and Angbera Ature. The Design and Implementation of Taxi/Bus Transportation Management System. (A Case Study of University of Agriculture, Makurdi) International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Technology. 2(3). ISSN: 2347-8446. http://www.ijarcst.com/vol-2_issue-3_ver-1.html

14. Esiefarienrhe, B.M and Eye O. E. The Design and Implementation of Land Management Information System (LMIS). Bauchi State Ministry of Lands and Survey. International Journal of Computer Science & Engineering Technology. ISSN: 2229-3345. 5(5). Pp. 600-605. http://www.ijcset.com/docs/IJCSET14-05-05-163.pdf

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16. Esiefarienrhe B.M. and Fa’iz I. J. (2014). Design and Implementation of Data Integrity System usingMD5 Cryptographic Hash Function for Federal Polytechnic Bauchi. The International Journal of Engineering and Science. 3(5). Pp. 36-44. ISSN:2319-1813. http://www.theijes.com/papers/v3-i5/version-3/G03503036044.pdf

17. Esiefarienrhe B.M., Wajiga G. and Egwurube M.O: Software Failures and Risk Management Practices in Nigeria, Kenya and Zimbabwe: A Survey. International Journal of Computer and Information Technology. 2(6). Pp. 1078- 1081, (ISSN: 2279 – 0764). http://ijcit.com/archives/volume2/issue6/Paper020611.pdf

18. Esiefarienrhe, B.M., Adanma Juliet Nwankwo and D. Idrissa. The Design of e-procurement System using Reverse Auction. Nigeria Journal of Management Technology and Development, ATBU, Bauchi. 3(2). ISSN 2006-1676.

19.Esiefarienrhe, B.M., D. Idrissa and Irorakpor H.T. (2012). The Design and Implementation of Poultry Information System (Case Study of the National Veterinary Research Institute (NVRI), Poultry Department Vom, Plateau State).
Science Forum. Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences, ATBU, Bauchi. 13(1).

20. Esiefarienrhe, B.M., Usman Sani and Irorakpor H.T.(2009). Software Design for Patient Medical Administration and Scheduling system (PMASS). NASHER, 7(2). Pp 143-149

21. Esiefarienrhe, B.M., D. Idrissa and Irorakpor H.T.(2012). Security Threats and Challenges in Mobile E-Business in Nigeria. Nigeria Journal of Management Technology and Development, ATBU. 3(1), Pp. 94-99. ISSN 2006-1676

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27. Esiefarienrhe, B.M and Wajiga G. (2008). Integrating Risk Management into the National Diploma in Computer Science Programme. Journal: International Journal of Computer Science. 1(1). Pp 99-102

28. Ejilah I.R., Esiefarienrhe B.M., and Enyejo, L.A. The Effect of Speed and Jatropha biodiesel-blended fuel samples on the Fuel Economy of a Diesel Engine: A Modeling Approach. In Proc of the 28th AGM and Int’l Conference of Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineering. 21-23 October, 2015. Abuja, Nigeria.


Computer Science

Research Archive

i.Impact Analysis of Software Engineering for Mobile Applications Development
ii.Software Infrastructure for E-Commerce and E-Business.
iii.Software Development Failures and Risk Management in Software Developmental Projects


oMember Faculty Departmental Promotion Board
oMember College Board.
oMember of College Examination Misconduct Committee
oDepartmental Student Adviser. Coordinator of Computer Science programme
oDepartmental Examination Officer, Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi

oPresident Delta State Students, Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi
oPRO, Catholic Chaplaincy, Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi

MSC Students Graduated

i.Iombor, E. N. (13/6509/msc ) Design and implementation of a dietary intake management system (dims). Oct. 2016
ii.Iorundu G.S. (13/6510/MSC). Development of an artificial neural network model for TIV character recognition (anntcr). Oct. 2016
iii.Malik Adeiza Rufai (13/6511/MSC). A Data Security Model Using El- Gamal Cryptography and Text Steganography for Cloud Computing. Oct. 2016
iv.Ejilah, Robinson Ichakpa (NOU 130331137). Modeling and simulation of specific fuel consumption of a compression ignition engine running on jatropha methyl ester blended fuel. June 2015
v.Arikwandu Sympathy Ogechukwu. NOU 120066495. Design and Implementation of Entreprenuership Portal for e-resources using Unified Modeling Language (UML) Architecture for the Entreprenuerial Development Centre, Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi. June, 2014.
vi.Ezeanya Christiana Uchenna. NOU 10001336. Design and Implementation of an expert System that Troubleshoots and Recommend on a Computer Network System. Jan. 2014. M.sc Information Technology
vii.Muoma Martins Somadina. NOU 120422100. A new Approach to Cell Frequency Reuse in GSM Network. M.sc Information Technology. Graduated 2014.
viii.Eye Olanrewaju Emmanuel (NOU 110266510). Land Management information system. A case study of Ministry of Lands and Survey, Bauchi). M.sc Information Technology. Graduated 2013.
ix.. Ugo-Osondu Blaise Ugochukwu (NOU 110486637). Modeling Network Architecure for Nigerian Colleges of Education System.. M.sc Information Technology. Graduated 2013
x.Samuel Onyeche Grace. NOU 110045055. Software Implementation of a Weather Forecast for Aviation industry (Automated Flight control system). Nov. 2013

C.On-going Supervision
M.Sc. Computer Science: presently supervising 10 MSC students of which five are expected to graduate this year.
Ph.D Computer Science: presently supervising 2 students
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