Dr. Age Akoso Iorbee

Dr. Age Akoso Iorbee
Designation: Associate Professor / Reader
Email: akosoiorbee@uam.edu.ng
Phone: 08050852002
Gender: Male


Full Name: ............................ Dr. Age, Akoso Iorbee
Date of Birth:..........................25-08-1960
Place of Birth:.........................Mbayegh in Ushongo !.-',.G.A.
State of origin:...........................Benue
Permanent Home Address:................ L.G.E.A. Primary School, Yinah, Ukum Mbawandam
Mobile Phone:..................................08050852002
Correspondence: ................................Department of Agricultural Extension and
Communication, Federal University of Agriculture P.M.B.2373, Makurdi
Marital Status:................................. Married with 7 children (5 boys, 2 girls)
Date of First Appointment: .......2-3-1987 (Inter-Service transferred)
Date appointment confirmed: .....9 - 3 - 2006
Present Rank and Salary: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Associate Professor ( CONVASS 06/6)

1. Federal College of Education, Okene (1983-1986)
11. University of Nigeria, Nsukka (1991-1996)
Ill. University of Agriculture, Makurdi (1998-2002)
IV. University of Agriculture, Makurdi (2003-2006)
v. N.K.S.T .Secondary School, Adikpo (1976-1981)
VI N.K.S.T. Primary School, Korinjo,Mbagwaza(1970-1975) .
a. N.C.E. Agric (1986)
b. B.Sc.(Hons) Agric .Ed. Second Class Upper Division(1996)
c. M.Sc. Agric. Extension and Communication (2002)
d. Ph. D Agric. Extension Policy & Sustainable Rural &Agric.Dev.(2006).
e. WASCE 1981 1 University of London GeE (1982)
f) FSLC (1975)

i. Rev .Pastor Mbachirin's Best Teacher of the year Award (1997) - received
during N.K.S.T. Sec. School, Adikpo- graduation and prize giving ceremony
ii Best Biology Student Award (1981).Received from N.K.S.T. Secondary
School, Adikpo during Graduation and Prize Giving Ceremony.
iii Best Student Teacher A ward received from Isanlu Community Secondary
School, Isanlu, Kwara State (1984).
i. Federal Bursary award(FCE, Okene,1983)
ii. University of Agriculture, Makurdi Ph.D Training facility Award
(2004 - 2006) iii.Benue State Scholarship Award(1983-1986)
Proficient in: Desktop publishing.
A. Teaching experience:
i. Agricultural Science Secondary School Tutor - 1987- 2004(TSB staff)
ii. Principal, Mbaikyaa Progressive Secondary ,School, Mbagwaza,
Ushongo L.G.A. ( 2000 - 2002).


Membership of learned societies:
1. Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria(AESON)- Zonal
Coordinator, North Central Nigeria,National Financial Secretary.
ll. Farm Management Association of Nigeria (FAMAN)
lll. Rural Sociological Association of Nigeeria(RuSAN)
IV. Agricultural Society of Nigeria(ASN)
v. Association of Deans of Agriculture in Nigerian
Universities(ADAN)-2014 to 2018


International journals
1. Saliu, O.I. and Age, A.I. (2009). Privatization of AgriculturExtension
Services in Nigeria: Proposed Guidelines for implementation.
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IV. Age, A.I. , Unongo, E.A. and Biam, C.K. (2013). Policy Planning and
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v. Age,A.I., Demenongu,T.S. and Bello,M. (2013).Situational Assessment
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Area, Cross
Scientific and
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xu. Okwu,O.J.,Otene,A.V. and Age,A.I.(2015). Assessment of Vegetable
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xiv.Naswem, A.A.,Okwoche, V.A. ,and Age, A.I. (2016). Mainstreaming
Sustainability in the Nigerian Agricultural Trasnformation Agenda.
World Research Journal of Agric. Sciences.3(1)


Extension Policy & Sustainable Rural & Agricultural Development

Research Archive

A. Current research
a. Situational analysis of outbreak of diseases of selected species
of livestock in Benue State (University of Agric., Makurdi
Research grant, 2009).
b. A comparative assessment of Livestock Extension Policy
Implementation in Benue and Nasarawa States, Nigeria. Ph.D
Thesis (2006), University of Agriculture, Makurdi.
c. A comparative analysis of the Socio Economic Characteristics
and management Practices of Swine Farmers in Rural and
Urban areas of Benue State, M.Sc. thesis (2002). University of
Agric., Makurdi.


Serve as a reviewer to the following International and local journals:
a. Journal of Agricultural Extension and Rural
Development(JAERD )
b. International journal of Agricultural
science. www.internationalscholarsjoumal.org/joumal
c. International journal of Agricultural Economics
,management and Development(IJAEMD),Kogi State
d. Journal of Rural Development, Agriculture and
Science (JORDAS),Department of Agric. Extension
and Communication, Federal University of
Agriculture, Makurdi.
e. Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology
(JAST),Universityof Agriculture, Makurdi.
Science Domain international

11.. Guest Speaker ,2011 N.K.S.T. Secondary School Adikpo graduation and prize
giving ceremony. Paper Titled "Academic par excellence in Nigerian
Secondary Schools :Agents of sustainable Rural and Agricultural
111.. Guest Speaker, W.M. Bristow Secondary School Gboko 2009 community
lecture titled: Education for Rural Development and Food Security: A
local response initiative to the global economic crisis.
IV. Resource person ,BNARDA-North East Zone during their MTRM held at
BNARDA Office .Adikpo (2012).Paper presented titled-The role of
Rural Youths in Sustainable Rural and Agricultural Development
in Benue State, Nigeria.
v. Served as a Senior Lecturer on Sabbatical leave in the Department of
Sociology, University of Mkar, Mkar (2012/2013 session) .
v. Part-Time Senior Lecturer, Department of Sociology, Benue State University,
VI. Facilitator at the 4th Postgraduate Seminar series held on Thursday.I B"
August, 2016 at the College of Management Sciences Lecture
theatre, FUAM on the title: Epistemological Research Ethics,
the nitty gritty involved in Referencing cum choice of
appropriate Statistical tools for data analysis.
V11. Guest Lecturer at Air War College Course 1(2016) held on 2ih January,2017
organised by the Air War College .Nigeria Air Force Base,
Makurdi on the title:The impact of Globalisation on Nigerian
Economic Development and National security.