Emmanuel Owoichoechi Momoh

Emmanuel Owoichoechi Momoh
Designation: Lecturer I
Email: momohemmanuel85@gmail.com
Phone: +2348061012037 +447384166755
Gender: Male


Brief Biography:

Emmanuel graduated from the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi Nigeria, with bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in 2009 as the best graduating student from the department of Civil Engineering. He proceeded to the University of Ibadan to obtain a master’s degree in Structural and Materials Engineering in 2015 as the best graduating Masters student . Towards the end of his studies in Ibadan, he was awarded TETFund scholarship to The University of Sheffield UK, where he finished a second master’s degree in Structural Engineering with bias in Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics in 2016. He has since embarked on a PhD at the University of Aberdeen UK. He is a Lecturer of Civil Engineering at the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi Nigeria where he also practices the Civil Engineering profession as a COREN-registered Engineer. Emmanuel is currently investigating the innovative use of natural fibres for producing environmentally friendly concrete. His Doctoral research is being sponsored by the Nigerian Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF). He is the title holder for the University of Aberdeen 3-Minutes Thesis for 2018 and went on to represent the University of Aberdeen through to the last round of the UK-semi finals of the competition. He is the first PhD student to have gone that far from Aberdeen. With phenomenal support from his supervisors (Dr A. I. Osofero and Dr O. Menshykov) and laboratory staff, he intends to complete his PhD as soon as possible and is looking at creating a spin out company in order to help his research add value to society. Having authored more than 10 peer-reviewed articles in reputed international Civil Engineering journals, he is gifted with a unique style of imparting knowledge in his students and is passionate about adding value to others. He is also a jazz trumpeter and saxophonist and relaxes with his music during his spare time.


Registered Civil Engineer; COREN
Corporate Member; Nigerian Society of Engineers
Member: Nigerian Institution of Civil Engineers
Associate Fellow of UK Higher Education Academy (AFHEA)


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Structural Engineering: Earthquake Engineering, Structural Dynamics, FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS. Civil Engineering Materials, Innovative use of natural fibres in construction.

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