Designation: Senior Lecturer
Email: Ikyaagbatertsea@uam.edu.ng
Phone: 07030880963
Gender: Male


FULL NAME:……………………… Dr. IK Y AAGBA Emmanuel Tertsea
PHONE: ………………...................+23407030880963/081577 17001
DATE OF BIRTH: ……..........2nd September 1975,
PLACE OF BIRTH:…….. .....lgo Village, Donga Local Area, Taraba State Nigerian
NATIONALITY:…………………… Nigerian
PERMANENT HOME ADDRESS: ..Tse Tor Gum Mbasen, Mbayenge Mbaterem Ukum, Zaki-Biam Wukari Road Ukum Local Government area, Benue State

CORRESPONDENCE ADDRESS:.. Department of Social and Environmental Forestry Uni versity of Agriculture, Makurdi.
MARITAL STATUS:………………Married
PRENSENT RANK:……………… .Senior Lecturer

University of lbadan:………………. 2009-2016
Universi ty of lbadan:……………….2006-2008
University of Agriculture, Makurdi:.-2004
St. Gerard Catholic Day Second School. Katsina- Ala:1990-1995
L.GEA primary School, Tendega:….1980-1986

Ph.D Forest Management and Conservation:…2016
M. Sc Forest Biology and Silviculture:…………2008
B. Sc. Forestry (Hans) Second class Upper:………2004
SSCE (WAEC):………………………………..1995
First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC):……..1986

Best Graduating Student College of Forestry and Fisheries:…2004
Best Graduating Student dept. of Forestry, Wildlife and range MGT:..2004

Vokswagen Foundation Initiative Hannover, Germany Scholarship (Ph.D):..2008-2013
Tettiary Education Trust Fund for PhD:…….2008-2010

Proficient in Microsoft word. excel and power point

1 Methodological workshop under the Vokswagen Foundation Initiative" Knowledge for tomorrow cooperative research projects in Sub-Saharan African" In Mbalmayo, Yaounde Cameroon,OI -04 March 2009


I. Member Society for Conservation Biology (SCB)
2. Forestry Association ofNigeria



Ikyaagba E. T (2003). Natural Spacing of Daniellia oliveri in University of Agriculture Makurdi Wildlife Park undergraduate project, University of Agriculture Makurdi.

lkyaagba E. T (2008) Plant Biodiversity and Ethnobotanical Potential of University of Agriculture Makurdi Wildlife Park and lkwe game Reserve Igbo,Benue state. M.Sc. Thesis University
of Jbadan.

I. Tee,T. ., Ogwuche, J.A. and lkyaagba, E.T.(2009). The role of Locust bean and Ironwood Trees in
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ational Park (CR P). igeria J Hum Ecol. 39.3: 209-219

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7. Tee, T.N.. lkyaagba E.T. and Umanyi, L. 2013. Socio-Economic Analysis of Parkia biglobosa
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8. Ikyaagba E.T., Ancha, P.U .• Tee, T. . and A.M. Anza. 2014. Ethnobotanical Survey of Home
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9. Ikyaagba, T. E., Tee, T. N., Dagba, B.l., Ancha, U. P. , Ngibo, K. D., and Tume, C. (20 15)
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jfewr ©20 15 - jfewr Publications

10. Ikyaagba, E. T., Jimoh, S. 0. and Amonum, J. I. (20 16).Effects of land use changes on Flora
diversity in Oban Division of the Cross River National Park, Nigeria . Ghana Journal of
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13. Amonum, J.l Akuji, I.J and Ikyaagba, E.T. (20 16)Evaluation of Physical and Chemical Properties of Soils in different Land Use Types in Gwer West and Makurdi Local Government
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14. Dagba, B. 1., lgbaukum, E., Ancha,P.U. and Ikyaagba, E.T. (20 16) Perceived Influence of Socioeconomic Factors of Fadama Ill Farmers on Forest Resources Values in Benue State,
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Forest Management and Conservation

Research Archive

Nothing here


A. Service to the University
l. Board mem ber, Department of ocial and Environmental Forestry……..2006 to date
2. Board member. College or Forestry and Fisheries…………..2006-date
3. Departmental SIWES Coord inator…..2015 -2017
4. Departmental Examination Officer…...2017-date
5. Member College Standing Committee on Exam Misconduct..2018-date

B. Service to the Community

1. Chairman Forestry Association of Nigeria Benue State Chapter….20 16-date
2. Elder NKST Yina…..2017 -date
3. Secretary Ukum development Association Makurdi Branch…2013-20 17
4. Secretary Mbaterem development Association Makurdi Branch…20 13-date
5. Service provider (Advisory service and Capacity Bui lding) Benue FADAMA…2012-date
6. Deacon and Treasurer NKST Yina Central….2011-2015
7. Member NKST Yina Harvest Committee…. 2010-2012
8. Assistance Secretary University of lbadan Alumina Benue State Branch 2009 -2013
9. Secretary Environment and Climate Change Amelioration Initiative ECCAI {NGO) 2009-date
10. Deacon NKST Tendega { Taraba State)…. 1996-1998
11. Treasurer potters Association lgo branch…..1996-1997
12Disci plinary prefect St. Gerard Catholic Day Second School, Katsina- Ala…1993-1995
13. Furnitu re Prefect St. Gerard Catholic Day Second School, Katsina- Ala….1992-1993
14. Head boy LGEA primary School, Tendega…….1985-1986
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