Evelyn Mnguchivir Tersoo-Abiem

Evelyn Mnguchivir Tersoo-Abiem
Designation: Lecturer I
Email: evelynmnguchivir@gmail.com
Gender: Female


Mrs Tersoo-Abiem, Evelyn Mnguchivir was born on the year 1980, she is from Abiem Village, Mbambior, Shangev-Tiev, Konshisha Local Government Area. she is married and as well a graduate from the University of Agriculture, Makurdi. A Ph.D holder from the Collage of Food Science and Technology.....


[A]Membership of Learned SocietiesNIFST
[B]Conferences AttendedNIFST conference, Makurdi 2011
NIFST conference, EKO 2012


[A]Tersoo-Abiem, E.M., Abu, J.O. and Igyor, M.A. (2010). Benefits and potential Probiotic food vehicles in Nigeria- A review and preliminary efforts. Nigerian Food Journal. 28(1):46-55.
[B]Gernah,D. I and Tersoo-Abiem, E. M. (2010). Functional Foods, Nutriceuticals and Health. Nigerian Food Journal. 28(2):121-130.
[C]Alakali, J. S., Okonkwo, T. M. and Iordye, E. M. (2008). Effect of Stabilizers on the Physico-Chemical and Sensory Attributes of Thermized Yoghurt. African Journal of Biotechnology. 7 (2): 158-163.
[D] Tersoo-Abiem, E.M. and Igyor, M.A. (2017).Fungal Count and Aflatoxin Quality of Selected Cereals and Indigenous Cereal-Based Fermented Foods Sold in Makurd. Nigerian Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences. 9(1):55-61


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SERVICE TO THE UNIVERSITYChairman, College Welfare committee
Member, Departmental Welfare Committee
Departmental Student Adviser (400 Level) (2017-Date)
College Representative, College of Management Sciences (2016-2018)
Departmental SIWESCoordinator (2016-Date)
College Representative, College of Forestry and Fisheries (2018)

[B]SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITYMember, Departmental Task Force on Mr. J. Faasema’s Medical Treatment Overseas (2013).

Member, Three Man Committee to Investigate Two Cases of Project Copying (2015).
Member, College Committee on Prof. C. C. Ariahu’s Inaugural Lecture (2016).
Treasurer, NIFST Middle Belt Chapter (2016- July,2018).
Treasurer, NIFST Middle Belt Chapter (August 2018- Date)