Designation: Lecturer I
Phone: 08023961473, 08052819490
Gender: Male


Name:….. Ekele, Garba Emmanuel.Ph.D
Date of Birth: ….5th July, 1970
Place of Birth: …..Orokam (Ogbadibo L.G.A, Benue State)
Nationality: ….Nigerian
Permanent Home Address: ….c/o St. James the Apostle Catholic Church, Ette.
Correspondence: Address:… Department of Agricultural Education. College of Agricultural
& Science Edu. University of Agriculture. Makurdi
Marital Status:…. Married
Date of First Appointment:……26th June, 2012.
Date Appointment Confirmed …….26th June, 2014.

(i)University ofNigeria, Nsukka…… 2007-2011
(II) University of Nigeria, Nsukka. ….2002-2004
(III) University of Agriculture, Makurdi….. 1993-1997 r
(IV) Federal College of Education, Katsina State…. 1987-1990
o (V) Government Secondary School Kawaji, Kano…… 1981-1986

(I) Ph.D (Agricultural Education) ……2011
(II) M.Ed (Agricultural Education) …..2004
(III) 0 B. Agricultural Education….. 1997
(IV) 0 NCE (Agricultural Science) …..1990
(V) GCE/W ASC …….1986

(I) Media international (Study skills) …..July 2010 Ogun State
(II) Curriculum Review Seminar (Corona Schools Agbara) ….2007
(III) Life Skill Seminar….. (2005)
(IV) Vocational Technical Education m Nigeria (2005) Workshop Training Akoka Lagos.

(i) President Catholic Chaplaincy University of Agriculture, Makurdi ……( 1997)
( ii) President Young Farmers Club, Kano chapter.

Proficient in MS Word, Intra-mail and Internet

A. Courses Being Taught at Present at Undergraduate & Post-graduate
AED 404: Vocational Guidance
AED 601: Theories of Vocational Education
AED611: Counselling Farmers for Profitable Rural Vocation Agriculture.
AED 604: Vocametrics for Vocational Technical Education
AED 703: Advance Project Analysis and Measurement and Evaluation
EDU 801 :Advanced Research Methods and Analysis.
EDU 901: Advanced Research Methods and analysis.

B. Teaching/cognate Experience with Dates
Mt. St Gabriel Secondary School Makurdi…..1991-1992
Alrunu Grammar School, Akunu-Akoko-Ondo….1998-1999
Loral International secondary School, Lagos….1999-2000
National Open University ofNigeria, Lagos…..2004-2009
Corona Schools Trust Council, Ikoyi, Lagos…..2006-2010
Uruversity of Agriculture, Makurdi.( Lecturer 1)…..26th June 2012-date

C. Cognate Experience.
Lecturer I, University of Agriculture, Makurdi…..2015-date
Supervision of Teaching Practice…………..2012-date
Teaching and assessing students……..2012-date
Supervision of Students projects……2012-date

D. Student supervision (under graduate)
Succesful Supervision of forty five ( 45) undergraduate students for four academic sessions.

A. Services to the community.
a) Facilitator- National Open university of Nigeria, Akoka study Centre, Lagos 2005 June to 2009.
b) Chairman/Facilitator- Centre for Environmental Education (NGO) Jalingo (2013-date)

14th Annual National Conference of the faculty of Education, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Theme: Promoting Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET).8th-12th June, 2015
2. Annual National Conference, Institute of Education, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Theme: Teacher professional Developmental Technological age.2nd -6th September,2014.
3. 22nd Annual International Conference ofNigeria Vocational Association. Theme: TVET for Sustainable Human Security and National Development. 28th-31st October, 2014.
4. Agricultural Society of Nigeria (ASN), 48th Annual Conference, University of Ahuja. Theme: Emerging Issues m Agricultural
Transformation in Nigeria. 24th- 27th November, 2014.
5. 7th Annual Conference of Nigeria Society of Indigenous knowledge and Development (NSIKAD) 6th-9th November, 2013. Theme: Indigenous Technical Knowledge & National Transformation Agenda.
6. 1 28th Annual Conference of curriculum Organization of Nigeria. 16th -19th September, 2015. University of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria.
7. Agricultural Education Teachers Association ofNigeria (June 2016) .
8. Agricultural Education Teachers Association of Nigeria (May,20 17)

Produced competent graduates. who are skilled in agro allied Industry.


1. Nigerian Vocational Association. (NV A) 2013-date
2. Association of Educational Researchers and Evaluators m Nigeria. (ASSEREN). 2013-date
3. Nigeria Soci~ty of Indigenous Knowledge and Development (NSIKAD) 2013-date.
4. Association for promoting Educational Innovators in Nigeria(APEIN) 2012-date
5. Curriculum Organization ofNigeria (CON). 2015-date.
6. Agricultural Education Teachers Association of Nigeria



Ekele ,G .E (2011). Evaluation of Higher National Diploma Animal production programme of Colleges of Agriculture in North Central Nigeria. Thesis Submitted for the award of Ph.D (Agricultural Education). Department of Vocational Teaclier Education (Agric Unit) University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Ekele, G.E (2004). Competency Needs of Small Scale Farmers in pig Production in Enugu State. Thesis Submitted for the award of Masters degree (Agricultural Education). University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Ekele, G .E. &Agada, A.O (1997). Impact of Agricultural Education on Effective production of Soya bean Crop by Farmers in Benue State.
Ekele, G. E. (1990). Soil Conservation. A case study of Okpokwu local Government of Benue State. Project Report submitted for the award of National Certificate in Education.

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' .
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Ekele,G.E.(2014).Revitalization of Vocational Education. Through entrepreneurial Capacity for Self Reliance of Youths in Nigeria. In: Education for Self Reliance. M J Adejoh and C. 0. Iji (eds). Book pf Readings Vol. 3. Makurdi, Royal Antex Press.


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