Designation: Associate Professor / Reader
Gender: Male


Name:.........................................................Proff. Amonum, Joseph Igba
Date and Place of Birth:..................1st October, 1965.' Mbaagwa
Local Government Origin:...............Ushongo
Permanent Home Address:..........LGEA School Lessel P.O. Gboko
Correspondence Addres:..............Department of F oresf Production and Products
Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi P..M.B. 2373, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria
Marital Status:.........................................................married
pate of First Appointment:...............................30th July, 2003
Date of Appointment Confirmed..................30th July, 2005.
Present Rank and Salary:.................................As~ociate Professor (CONUASS) 06105

i. Bristow Secondary School, Gboko Sept. 1975 - June, 1980
ii. University of Jos, Jos Nov. 1987 - July, 1990
iii. University of Ibadan Oct. 2000 - April, 2002
iv. University oflbadan Oct. 2005 - Oct. 2011

i. WASC..............................1975-1980
1i. . B.Sc (HONS) Botany.......1987-1990
HI. M.Sc (Forest Resources Management).....2002-2002
iv. Ph.D (Agroforestry)...............................................2005-2011


I. Benue State Scholarship
11. University of Agriculture Sponsorship

i. Proficient in Microsoft Word Processing.


Member, ForesLTy Association of Nigeria (FAN)
Member, Tree Club, University of Ibadan
Member, forests and Forest Products Society of Nigeria (FF.PS)


Theses .
• Amonum, J .I (20 11) "Agroforestry Practices and Their Potential Contributions to
Soil Fertility and Food Production in Katsina sta~e, Nigeria. Unpublished PhD thesis
Pp 195 University oflbadan, Ibadan Nigeria. ·
• Amonum, J.I (2002) "The Determinants of Agroforestry Practices in Benue
State,Nigeria. Ur:ipublished M.Sc. dissertation. Pp 86 University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.
• Amonum, J.I (1990) "The Performance of Acha (Digitaria excelis L) and Tomato
(Lycopexsicum esculentum L) to Different Sulphate levels in Jos Area of Plateau
State" B.Sc. Project. Pp 67. University of Jos, Jos Nigeria .

Amon um, J.I (2007): A Survey of Medicinal Plant used in Human health in: G.E Onibi,
~.u Age1e, V.A.J Adekunk and M.O. Olufayo (eds). Proceedings of the l:fUMEOLOTKELLOG/3RD Annual Agricultural Conference on Medicinal plants in Agriculture: The Nigeria Experience held at FUTA - Akure 16th -1 91 April, 2go7. Pp 28-32 .
1 Amonum, J.I. (2008): Adaptation and Mitigation of Climate change through sustainabl~Management of Tropical Forests in: L. Popoola (ed). Proceedings of the 32"d Arumal Conference of the Forestry Association of Nigerian held in Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria 20th - 24th October, 2008. Pp. 602-606 .
2 Agbidye, F.S., Amonum, J. I. and Tee, N.T. (2009): Medicinal Plants: A Potential health Aid in:
S.O. Agele, V.O.J. Adekunle~ LB. Osho, O.F. Osundahunsi and M.O. Olufayo (eds) Proceedings of the HUMBILDDT-KELLOG/5th Annual Agricultural Conference on
Formulation of Medicinal Plants for Crops and Animal Production in Nigeria: Realities and Challenges held at FUTA-Akure 21st -23rd April 2009. Pp 78-81 .
3 Agbidye, F. S., Tee, N.T. and Amonum, J. I. (2009): The Impact of Deforestation .on Medicinal Plant use. In: S.O. Agele, V.O. J. Adekunle, LB. Osho, O.F. Osundahunsi and M.O. Olufa'yo (eds) Proceedings ·of the HUBOLDT KELLOG/51h Annual· Agricultural
Conference on Formulation Plants for Crops and Animal Production in Nigeria: Realities and Challenges held at FUTA-Akure 21st -23rd April, 2009. £p. 74-77.
4 Amonum, J. I., Ikpa, T.F and Agera, S.I.N. (2010): Current Trends in Biodiversity
Conservation in Nigeria. In: Oke, D.O., Onyekwelu, J.C. and Adekunle, V.A.J. (eds).
Proceedings of the Second Biennial Conference of the Forests and Forest Products Society held at FUTA-Akure 26th -291h f\pril, 2010. Pp 51-55. ..56
Amonum, J. I., Agera, S.I.N. and .Dagba. B.I. (20 12): Forests and Forest Products
Utilization in Nigeria. In: J.C.Onyekwelu, B.O. Agbeja, V.A.J. Adekunle, G.A. Lamecd, P.O. Adesoye and A.O. Omole (eds). In: De-reservation, Encroachment and Deforestation: Implications for the future of Nigeria forest Estate and Carbon Emissions
Reduction. Pro~eeding of the 3rd Biennial Conference of the Forests and Forest Products Society held at the University oflbadan, Ibadan from 3rd April 2012, Pp. 168-173.
Amonum, J. I., Tee, F.C., and .Agera, S.I.N. (2012): Strategies for Climate Change
Mitigation toward sustainable Forest management in Nigeria. In: J.C. Onyekwelu, B.O.
Agbeja, V.A.J. Adekunle, G.A. Lameed, P.O,. Adesoye and A.O. Omole (eds) In: DeReservation, Encroachment and Deforestation: Implication fs>r the future of Nigeria Forest! 4789
Estate and Carbon Emissions Reduction. Proceeding of the 3rd Biennial Conference of the Forests and Forest Products Society held at the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, from 3rd --' 61h 2012. 591-595 .
. Tembe, E.T. Amonum, J. I. and Isah, Y.O. (2013) Pro_moting Green Waste Management
in Nigeria. In: Labode Popoola, F. 0. Idumah, O.Y. Ogurtsanw? ':11d I.O .. Az~ez (ed~). Proceedings of the 3 51
" Annual Conference of the Forestry Association of N igena held m
Sokoto, Sokoto State, Nigeria 11th - 16th Febrnary, 2013. Pp 217-244.
Amonum, J . I., Tembe, E.T. and Tor. K. (20 13). Enhancing Green Economy through
Improved Trarisportation system in Nigeria. In: Labode Popoola, F.O. Idumah, O.Y.
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10 Amonum, J. I., Tembe, E.T and Shomkegh, S.A. (2015). Climate Change Adaptation
Practices of Rural Farmers in Benue and Kano States of Nigeria. In: Michael Akpan and · Samuel I. Udofia (eds). Proceedings of the National Worksh?P of the Forestz Association
of Nigeria, Akwa !born State Branch held at the University of Uyo, from gt 9th October,
2015,,Pp 36-39.
11 Amonum,J. I. and Ekhuernelo, D. 0.(20.16): Socio-Economic Value of Mangrove Forest:
Implication for.Cons~rvation: In O.Y. Ogunsanwo and A.O. Akinwole (eds). Proceedings
of the 3gth Arinual Conference of the Forestry Association of Nigeria held in PortHarcourt,
Rivers State, Nigeria7th-11 th March,2016,Pp 745-759.
12 Amonum, J.I., Tembe, E.T. anμ Labe, T.E. (2018). Impact of Carbon Trading on
Conservation of Forest Resources. In: A.O . .Akindele, V.A.J., Adekun1e and O.Y.
Ogunsanwo (eds). Proceedings of the 40u1 Arn1:ual Conference of the Forestry Association
of Nigeria held in Lagos, Lagos State. 1th-l61h March, 2018. 1314

Amon um, J.I., Dau, J.H. and Gbande. S. (2018). Impact of Uncontrolled Charcoaf
production on the Environment. In: Isah, AD., Shamaki, S.B., Adekunle, V.A.J. and
Bello, A.G. (eds). Proceedings of the 6u1 Biennial National Conference of the Forests and Product~ Society, Usmanu Danfodio University, Sokoto, Nigeria, 23rd_2ih April, 2018.

Amonum, J .I. and Labe, I.E. (20 18). Climate Change and Sustainable Environment. In: 13.0. Agbeja., AC. Adetogun., O.R.Adejoba and I.0.0. Osunsina (eds). Proceedings of the 2"d Commonwealth Forestry Association (CF A) Conference , Nigeria Chapter Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria 5th_ih June, 2018. 5

• 15 Amonum, J.I; Labe, TE. and Dachung, G. (2018):'" Agroforestry and Sustainable Food ·Production in the Tropics. In: Michael Akpan and Samuel .1. Udofia (eds). Proceedings of the National Workshop of the Forestry Association of Nigeria, Akwa fbom State held at Lhe Uniiversity of Uyo from 28111-29lh June, 2018. ·

1 Amonum, J. I., Babalola, F.D and Agera, S.LK. (2009): Agrof9restry systems in Nigeria:
Review of Concepts and Practices. Journal of Research: in Forestry, . and Environment. I (1): 18-30. Publisl'i.ed by the Department of Forestry, Wildlife and Range Management. University of Agriculture, Makurdi. ·

2 Babalola, F.D. :Amonum, J. I. and Opii, E.E (2010): Household Energy Preference and its Implications in selected rural and urban areas of Ondo State, Nigeria. .Journal o.f
Forests and Forest Products 3 (1): 50-57. Published by Association of the Forests and ·Forest Products, Federal University of Technology Akure.

3 . lkpa., T.F., Amonum, J.I. and Orshi, l.H., C2007): The Effect of Soil Calcium,
Temperature and PH on the Distribution of Land Snails in the Wild. Journal of Tropical
Foresr Resources- 23 (1): 103 - 107- Published by the Department of Forest Resources
Management, University of Ibadan, and Ibadan Nigeria.
4 Agera, S.LN., Agbidye, F.S. and Amonum, J.I. (2011) Survey of Wood J:rotection
Chemicals, Tre.~ Killers and Sprayers in Agrochemical Stores within Makurdi Metroplis,
Benue State, Nigeria. Obeche Journal 29 (1): 187-195. Published by the Dcparlment of
Forest Resources management, University of Ibadan, lb.adan Nigeria
5 J\gera, S.I.N., lgber, G.T. and Amonum, J.I., (2012). Use of Bio-ferlilizers for soil
Fertility Restoration, Weeds and Pest Control in Forest Management Nigerian Journal of
Education, [fealth, Environment and Technology Research. Vol. 3 (1) Pp. 20-26.
Published .by the Association for the Promotion of Education, Health, Environmenl and
Technology Re~carch. ·
6 · Amonum, J.l., Jkpa, T.F and Ajog~u, F.E, (2012). Soil Fertility Potential offoreslry and
· Wildlife Park. University of Agriculture, Makurdi, The Nigeria Journal of Foresrry . .f.2
(1): 13-17. Published by Forestry Association of Nigeria.
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Moringa for Sustainable Agriculture. Nigerian Journal of Education, Health, Envh·onmenf
and Technology Research. Vol. 4 Pp 28-33. ISSN; 2251 -0087.9
Unanaonwi, Okpo Esio and Amonum, Joseph Igb::t (2013}: Ev~luation of Woody plants _used by Pandam, Nanrn and Kayarda communities in tropical woody Savanna, N1gcna. Agriculture, Forest and Fisheries. 2(3) pp 151-155.

Chinevu Chrislia..11 Nnaemka, Unanaouwi, Okpo Esio and Amonum, Joseph l gba
(2013): Physical and chemical characteristics of forest soil in southern Guinea Savanna of Nigeria. Agriculture, .Forest and Fisheries. 2(6) pp. 229 -234
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and stand structure of Daterium woodland in pandam'wildlife Park, Plat~au State_, Nigeria_ of Applied Science and Research. 2 (5) pp. 48 -55.

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Forestry to Local. Tree Crop Farmers in Bcnue State, Nigeria_ International Journal of
Science and Research. Vol.3 (5). PP 42-45 Online ISSN; 23 19-7064.
~ • 12 Amonum, J oscpb Igha and Unanaonwi, Okpo. Esio (2015), Eco-zone variation in early growth and seeding morphology of jatropha curcas in nursery environment in southern · guinea savanna, Nigeria_ !mer J Agri BiJsci, 5(1):38-411n-:.w.~joghio.cnnL ©2015 /JAB.

13 Amorium,Joscph Igba and Unanaonvvi, Okpo Esio (2016): The Role of Micro- : p Organisms in Nutrient 6tatus of Forest Soils. inter . .J. Agric Biosci.5(5):296

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Combating Climate Change Effects with Tree Planting in the Guinea Savanna: Rural
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Journal ofF or.esl!y 31 (1):62-77, ww.. .. F_ecrdr-torig.org_gh.
17 · Dau, J.H., Vange, T. and Amonum, J. I. (2016) Growth Space Requirements Models for
. 18
Danie/Lia oliverii (Rolfe) Tree in Makurdi Nigeria: International .Journal of
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Amonum, J. I., Nyam, R.T. and Gbande, S. (2016) Effect of Pre-Treartm:nt on SeeGermination of Parkia biglobosa (BENTH) Journal of Research in Forestry, Wildlife and Environment 8(4) 101-108 http:/ww\

Amon um, J. I., Dau, J. I-I., and Dacbung, G. (2015) Assessment of Early Growth Rate of Moringa oleifera (Lam) Seedlings on different soil media at the University of Agriculture, Makurdi -Nigeria The Nigeria Journal of Forestry 45(1); 16-23.

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22 Amonum,J.I, Akuji,I.J. and Ikyaagba., E.T. (2016): Evaluation of physical and chemical properties of soil in Different land use types in Gwer-west and Makurdi L.G.i\..s of Bcnuc Stale Nigeria. Journal of Tropical Forest-Resources 32:74-82.

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composition and nutrient status of forest soils in Benue cement company, .
Benuc State, Nigeria ,International Journal of Environment, A>;riculture and
Hiotechnology 2(1):297-305 1SSN:2456-l 878. (ONLINE)
~5 D.O. Ekhuemelo; J.I. Tsembe and J.I. Amonum (2017): Investigation of charcoal.
production in Gwcr-West and Gwer-East Local Govenunent Arca-; of Benuc Stale, ·
Nigeria. Asian Journal of Envirornent and Ecology.3( 1):1-13.ISSN :2456-690x (ONLINE)
26 t\.:monum; J.I., Ikyaagba, E.T. and Maa,F.S (2016) The role of customs and Taboos in thl.!
·conservation of.Agogo Pond in Chito Stream in Ukwn Local Government J\rca of 13enuc
Slate: Journal of Applied Tropical Agriculture 22(2): 166~ 172.Published by School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology. Federal University of Technology, Akure Nigeria.
27 Vangc, T; Amonum, J.I. and Duu, J.H. (2018} Prediction Equation for Estimating
Grovv1h Space for Parkia biglobosa (Jacq). Benth in the Guinea Savanna Ecozonc of Nigeria. Applied Ecology and Forestry Science, 3(1):1-745
Member, Ecological Society of Nigeria (ECOSON)
Member,, Nigerian Environmental Study team/ Action (NEST).

391h Annual Conference of ~he Forestry Association of Nigeria held in Ibadan, Oyo State, 2ot11-241 h February, 2017. 401
h Annual Conference of the Forestry Association of Nigeria held in Lagos,
Lagos State, li11 -161
h March, 2018.
61h Biennial National Conference of the Forest and Forest Products S~ciety of
Nigeria held in Sokoto State. 23rd _2]111 April, 2018. ·
2"d Commonwealth Forestry Association of Nigeria (CF A) Conference, Nigeria
Chapter held at University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria 5t11-i11
June, 2018.
National Workshop of the Forestry Association of Nigeria (F.A.N), Akwa Ibom
State Branch held in Uyo, 28111-~9111 June, 2018



Research Archive

A) Current" research
(i) Member of the research Team for the Competitive Agriculture Grant Scheme
(CARGS). A Research Grant awarded to the Forestry Programme, UAM on
Technologies for Production, Processing and Marketing of Aromatic and
Medicinal in plants Benue State, Nigei:ia.
(ii) Undergraduate Project Supervision.
• Effect of Agricultural Activities in Forest Soils in Agan Forest, Makurdi Local
Government Area ofBenue State by Ujah, Emmanuel Ufedo
• Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Forest Soils in Dei Teak Plantation Benue
State, Nigeria by Iloh, Udoka Ndidi.
•. Diversity and Distribution of Home Garden Plants in Ukum Local Government Area
of Benue S'tate by !horn, Polycarp ..
• Effects of Mining Activities on Soil Nutrients Status and Vegetation Composition in
Benue Cement Company, Gboko Local Government Area, Benue State by Agbangya,
Enoch Tor
• Physical" and Chemical Characteristics of'Forest Soils in Agan Forest Reserve by ilob
• Management and Utilization of Medicinal Plants for rural livelihood in Ushongo
LGA of Benue State by Ikereve, T.

(iii) Master of Forestry Degree Supervision
• Effects of Fertilizer Applications in the Germination and Early Growth of Dac1J1odes
. edulis by Kogolo Grace
• Assessment of Vascular Plant Species Composition, Structure and Distribution in Falgore
Game Reserve, Kano State, Nigeria by Dawaki, Sani Alhasan
• Effect of Provenance, organic and Inorganic fertilizer application on the early growth
performance of ~haya senegalensis seedlings by Kuje, Emmanuel.
• Plant Species Diversity, Structure and Composition in Pandam Game Reserve, Plateau
State, Nigeria by Okechalu, Audu Ali
(iv) Ph.D Supervision
• Influence of Teak (Tectona ·grandis Linn f) On Soil Nutrient Status ~nd Microbial
Composition in Akanga Forest Reserve, Nasarawa state, Nigeria by Dachung, Grace

• Climate Change adaptation Practices of Rural farmers in Benue state of Nigeria


1. Assistant Lecturer August, 2003 -September, 2007
u. Lecturer II October, 2007- September, 2010
111. Lecturer I October, 2010 -September, 2013
iv. Senior Lecturer October, 2013 - September, 2016
v. Associate Prof. October,2016 - Date
• Undergraduate...........18 students
• Postgraduate...............6 students
• Masters degree........6 students
• Ph.D................................1 student
1. Head of Department, Forest Production and Products, University of Agriculture
·• Makurdi, December, 201 1 to December 2015 ·
2 Member, Forestry Department Academic Board. August, 2003 to date.
3 Member, College Academic Board-CFF August, 2003 to date.
4 Representative of College of Forestry· and Fisheries on the College Board of Science,
August, 2004 to d8:te.
5 Member,'Department Examination Committee.
6. Member, College Welfare Committee.
7 Chairman, Health and Sanitation Committee 18th and 19th convocation ceremony of
8 · Member, Committee on Preparation of Strategic plan for Development of .Forestry;
University df Agriculture, Makurdi (2008/2009 session).
9 Member, Ad-hoc Committee on Accreditation of B. Forestry Programme, UAM,
• Makurdi.
10 Member of interview Panel for Recruitment or Senior Academic staff241
h A,Pril , 2012.
11 Member, College of Forestry and Fisheries interview Panel for the Recruitment of
Graduate As5istanfs 2ih April, 2013.
Member of interview Panel for the Regulation of staff on Temporary Appointment, 20th -
and 21 st June, 2012.
Senate Member, UAM, December 2011 to December,2015.
Collation Officer with INEC in 201 1 General Election.
Member, Standing Committee on the Formation of Vigilante Group; Off Grajn
Reserve, Makurdi .
Memb~r, Standing Committee on Planning of Bazaar/Harvest at L.B.R.B.D.A,.
Headquarters, Makurdi, 2007 .
Sunday school teacher, St Dominic Catholic Church, Sachi, Makurdi.
Member, Standing Committee for the Formation of Thrift and Loan Scheme, off Grain
Reserve, M~di. ·
6 Financial Secretary Terwase Agbadu, Committee Development Association (2009-
2010). .
7 Member, Bristow Alumni Association (BAA).
8 Member, Mbaagwa Committee Development Association (MCDA).
9 Collation Officer with INEC in 2015 General Elections

(i) Native/indigenous Species of Tree m the North were researched into and
recommended for mass propagation, since they can withstand adverse weather
(ii) Research into Agroforestry systems as a land - use systems that can improve
productivity with little or no use of inorganic fertilizers.
(iii) Published· more than ten (10) Researched Artiqles m learned Journals and
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