Paul Terkumbur ADEKE

Paul Terkumbur ADEKE
Designation: Graduate Assistant
Phone: +234(0)7035584161
Gender: Male


Date of Birth: 1st January, 1984
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Married
Number of Children: One
Nationality: Nigerian
Religion: Christianity
L.G.A.: Makurdi
State of Origin: Benue
Permanent Address: Adeke Village, Genabe District, Makurdi, LGA.
Postal Address: C/o Department of Civil Engineering, University
of Agriculture Makurdi, Benue
State, Nigeria.

CAREER OBJECTIVE: To work towards building integrated, sustainable, safe, economic and environmental friendly infrastructures and transport systems using state-of-the-art design and implementation standards.

1.Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Zaria (PhD Highway & Transportations Engineering)In view
2.University of Leeds, UK (M.Eng. Transport Planning and Engineering MERIT)2014 - 2015
3.University of Agriculture Makurdi, Benue State (B.Eng. Civil Engineering 2:1)2005 – 2010
4.Bujam-B Computer Training Institute, Makurdi (Diploma in Comp. Applications)2002 – 2003
5.Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Naka (WAEC)1997 – 2002
6.LGEA Primary School Adeke, Makurdi LGA (First School Leaving Certificate)1990 - 1996
1.Research Fellow II; Department of Civil Engineering, 2015 – Date
University of Agriculture Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria
-Lecturing Engineering Mathematics – Probability Theorem (Undergraduate - UG)
-Highway & Transport Planning and Engineering (UG)
-Engineering Geology (UG)
-Structural Mechanics I (UG)
-Research on Structural Analysis and Strength of Materials
-Research on Transport Planning and Engineering

2.Graduate Assistant; Department of Civil Engineering, 2012 – 2015
University of Agriculture Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria
-Assist in Lecturing Engineering Mathematics (UG)
-Assist in Lecturing Highway & Transport Planning and Engineering (UG)
-Engineering Geology (UG)
-Structural Mechanics I (UG)

3.Site Engineer; Superb – B Construction Company, Makurdi Branch2012 - 2013
* Construction of Water Pump Station, laying of Pipes for irrigation System, and
construction of Drainage Systems for OLAM Ltd. at Achepe, Nassarawa State, Nigeria
-Site inspection of land surveying, steel, concrete and block/brick works.
-Integrity check and Redesign of structural elements on site
-Writing monthly progress report of site works
-Procurement of working materials

4.Assistant Site Engineer; Maiden Concept Nigeria Limited, Makurdi Branch 2010 – 2012
* Construction of EcoBank Plc Building, Makurdi Branch
* Construction of Entrepreneurship Centre (Office Complex and Lecture Theater) for
University of Agriculture Makurdi.
-Site inspection for land surveying, steel, concrete and block/brick works
-Integrity check and Redesign of structural elements on site
-Writing monthly progress report on site works

5.Industrial Trainee; Ministry of Works, Housing and Transport, Makurdi,2008 - 2009
Benue State, Nigeria
Projects (Contractors – Hajaig Nigeria Limited):
*Asphalt Overlay along Naka Road (8.2km) and Old Otukpo Road (5.4km)
*Construction of Stephen Lawani Road (4.8km) and Joe Akaahan Street (0.7km)
*Construction of Drainage system at Wurukum settlement Area
*Erosion Control at Kanshio Area (Box & Pipe Culverts and Drainages)
-Site inspection for Asphalt mix properties and laying process
-Site inspection for land surveying, concrete and block/brick works.
-Inspection of Drainages/Culverts construction

-Computer Skills; Microsoft Office Suit | AutoCAD |AutoCAD Civil 3D |ARCADY | LinSig | CSiBridge | DRACULA | R Progm.| Orion |OmniTRANS| VISSIM |MATLAB | VBA |BioGeme |SPSS |GIS |SATURN | EasyFit |
-Ability to work under no or less supervision
-Ability to learn and teach swiftly
-Team player

-1st International Civil Engineering Conference (ICEC 2018) Department of Civil Engineering Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria.
-MATLAB EXPO 2015 – Silverstone, Northampton, UK.
-Choice Modelling Conference 2015 – Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, UK
-Modelling World Conference 2015 – London, UK
-National Water Resources Capacity Building Network 2013 - University of Ilorin, Nigeria.


-Registered Engineer, Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN – R41635), Nigeria, 2018
-Corporate Member, Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE – R40310), Nigeria – 2016.
-Affiliate Member, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE-R9415110), America - 2014
-Member, Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE-R1050210), America - 2014


Conference Papers:
Adeke, P. T., Atoo, A. A. and Joel, E. (2018). A Policy Framework for Efficient and Sustainable Road Transport System to Boost Synergy between Urban and Rural Settlements in Developing Countries: A case of Nigeria. Proceeding 1st International Civil Engineering Conference (ICEC 2018) Department of Civil Engineering Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria.

Published Journal:
1.Adeke, P. T., Atoo, A. A. and Orga, S. G. (2019). Assessment of Pavement Condition Index: A Case of Flexible Road Pavements on the University of Agriculture Makurdi Campus, Nigerian Journal of Technology, 38 (1), pp. xx. DOI:
2.Adeke, P. T., Zava, E. A. and Atoo, A. A. (2018). Spot Speed Studies on Major Highways in Makurdi Town, Journal of Civil and Environmental Research, 10(6), pp. 123 – 131.
3.Atoo, A. A., Adeke, P. T. and Daniel, A. E. (2018). Level of Service (LOS) of Freeway Segments within Makurdi Metropolis, International Journal of Advance Research and Innovative Ideals in Education, 4(4), 2395 – 4396.
4.Adeke, P. T., Atoo, A. A. and Zava, E. A. (2018). Traffic Signal Design and Performance Assessment of 4-Leg Intersections Using Webster’s Model: A Case of ‘SRS’ and ‘B-Division’ Intersections in Makurdi Town. International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology, 5(5), Pp. 1253 – 1260.
5.Adeke, P. T. (2018). Modelling of Queuing Process at Airport Check-In System: A Case Study of Manchester and Leeds-Bradford Airports, Nigerian Journal of Technology, 37(1), pp. 35 – 43. DOI:
6.Adeke, P. T., Zava, E. A. and Atoo, A. A. (2018). Modelling Traffic Noise Level on Roadside Traders at Wurukum Market Area in Makurdi Town, Benue State, Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Technology, 37(1), pp. 28 – 34. DOI:
7.Apebo, N. S., Shiwua, A. J., Agbo, A. P., Ezeokonkwo, J. C. and Adeke P. T. (2013). Effect of Water-Cement Ratio on the Compressive Strength of Gravel - Crushed over Burnt Bricks Concrete, Civil and Environmental Research, 3(4), pp. 74 – 81.


Highway & Transportations Engineering

Research Archive

Simulation and Mathematical Modelling of Transport Systems
Analysis of Transport Systems Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Techniques
Intelligent Transport Systems
Choice Modelling
Structural Analysis and Design
Pavement Management System (PMS)

Research Works:
1.PhD Thesis (In view) - A Framework for Predicting Deterioration of Flexible Road Pavements In Nigeria Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques (Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria)
2.MSc.(Eng.) Dissertation - Mathematical Modelling of Priority Queues (University of Leeds, UK.)
3.B.Eng Project - Traffic Capacity Assessment of the Wurukum Roundabout Makurdi Benue State (University of Agriculture Makurdi, Nigeria).

Seminar Papers:
1.Evaluation of Traffic Flow Performance of Modern Roundabouts using VISSIM Simulation - 2013
2.Significance of Roundabout in Traffic Management - 2008


1.Assessment of Pavement Condition Index: A case of flexible road pavements on University of Agriculture Campus
2.Prediction of Bus travel time on routes without designated Bus stops: A case of bus routes in Makurdi town
1.Analysis and design of indoor sporting hall for Benue State University (BSU) by Oyewo Ridwan Oladipupo (TR/35180/15)
2.Simulation of water transmission System on UAM Campus using MATLAB by Samuel Godswill Igbe (UE/22455/12)
3.Simulation of queuing process at fuel station using MATLAB by Ajagbe Ibrahim Bolaji (UE/22391/12)
4.Comparative analysis and design of flexible and rigid pavements: A case study of Makurdi-Gbajimba Road by Leva Gideon (UE/22951/12)
5.Spot speed studies along federal highways in Makurdi metropolis by Uver Philip (UE/22467/12)
6.Estimation of vehicle traffic growth rate in Makurdi metropolis by Orokpo Gabriel Ochai (UE/22452/12)
7.Design of Signalized Intersection system at SRS Road Junction by Odagboyi Benjamin edor (UE/22440/12)
8.Assessment of Seatbelt usage in Makurdi metropolis by Icheen Titus (UE/22465/12)
9.Production of Burnt Bricks Using Agatu Shale Admixed with Sand by Ogwaje Adeka Umar (DE/27879/13)
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