Designation: Senior Lecturer
Gender: Female


Dr (Mrs). Pauline Dooshima Ivande was born on 27th April, 1961 to the family of Late Pa Jacob Nande Zaka and Late Mama Ngutunan Nande nee Abaayo of blessed memory and she is married to Mr Moses Amougha Ivande of blessed memory, from Ukum Local Government Area. The marriage is blessed with six children.
She is a Senior lecturer with the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi. She teaches Extension in Home Science and Management both at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels in the department and supervises same at various levels.
She got her first degree from University of Jos in (1985), PGD in Farm Management and Extension (1996) and Masters in Agricultural Extension and Communication from the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi, (2003). She holds a PhD from the University of Nigeria Nsukka specializing in Rural Sociology, (2014).
Pauline has several years of teaching in tertiary institutions including University of Mkar, Mkar Nigeria from 2009- 2017 and the University of Agriculture Makurdi from 2005 till date. She is and have at various times served as Postgraduate Coordinator Home Science and Management, Head of Programme, Home Economics Education Sandwich Programme, Deputy Dean of the College of Food Technology and Human Ecology (2016- 2018) and member of various committees in the University including member Search Team for Vice-Chancellor, University of Agriculture Makurdi 2017.
She has contributed three chapters in a book: “A guide to research methods and thesis writing in Social Sciences”. She has over 16 reputable publications at both National and International Journals and 2 chapters in referred proceedings. She is on the Editorial team / Reviewer of Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics and Sociology (AJAEES).
She is currently the Ag Head of Department of Home Science and Management and President of National Association of Women Academics (NAWACS). She speaks Tiv, English and Hausa fluently. See details on the CV


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