Designation: Associate Professor / Reader
Gender: Male


Dr Solomon Achi Uganeya was born on the 6th March, 1959 to the family of late John Uganneya Ufom in Umuomei, Obingwa Local Government Area of Abia State. He started his primary education at Umuomei Community Secondary School and proceeded to Wilcox Memorial Secondary School Aba, where attended his Secondary School.

He thereafter obtained a Diploma in Library Science from the university of Ibadan from 1985-1987. He obtained a Degree in Library and Information Science from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria from 1995-2000 and a Doctorate degree in Library and Information Science specialised in Agricultural Librarianship from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, 2008-2011

He joined the services of University of Agriculture Makurdi as a Library Assistant in 1982, when it was Federal University of Technology, Makurdi. He has risen through the ranks to the position of Deputy University Librarian and the head; Readers Service Division. He is a member, Nigeria Library Association (NLA) and member National Association of Library and Information Science Educators (NALISE). He happily married to Mrs Felicia Nenna Uganneya and the marriage is blessed with children.

Dr Uganneya has succeeded Dr A.D Ugah following the expiration of his tenure.


Qualification(s) .......... Awarding Institution(s).........................Date
PhD. Lib and Information Science ... University of Nigeria, Nsukka..........2011
( Librarian)

Master of Library and Information.......University of Nigeria, Nsukka....2004
Science (MLS)

Degree of Bachelor of Library and Information .........Ahamdu Bello University, Zaria .............2000 Science (BUS) Second class Upper Division

Diploma in Librarianship (Dip. lib) (With Credit)........University of Ibadan 1987

West African School Certificate ...............WAEC........................... 1980


RANK........................................................ EMPLOYER................................. YEAR
Library Assistant ............Federal University of Technology, Makurdi 1982-1984
Senior Library ...................Assistant Federal University of Technology, Makurdi 1985-1987
Library Officer........................University of Agriculture, Makurdi 1988-1989
Higher Library Officer....................... University of Agriculture, Makurdi 1989-1992
Senior Library Officer........................University of Agriculture, Makurdi 1993-1996
Principal Library Officer .............................University of Agriculture, Makurdi 1996-1999
Asst. Chief Lib Officer ...........................University of Agriculture, Makurdi 1999-2005
Senior Librarian .............................................University of Agriculture, Makurdi 2005-2008
Principal Librarian ....................................University of Agriculture, Makurdi 2008-2012
Deputy University Librarian ..............University of Agriculture, Makurdi 2012- 2017
Senior Lecturer (Part-time) .......Benue State University ................. 2012-2013
Associate Professor (part-time) Benue State University 2013- 2015


1. Head, Readers Services Division, till-date
Identification of information needs of users through user study program. Organizing
regular display and exhibition of new additions to the stock as well as the old stock.
Compilation of user's database through registration, preparation of annual budget and
appraisal staff for promotion etc.

Recovered 500 + missing textbooks.

2. Head, Technical Services Division 2013 - 2015
Management of technical Services, Management of catalog hall, updating catalog division entries, cataloging and classification Library information in addition to supervision of cataloging and classifying processes. Preparation of technical services annual budget, appraising technical services division staff for promotion and discipline staff under technical service division where necessary.

Provision of Authority File
Processed over 3,000 books
Conducted in-house training for the newly employed technical service staff on catalog
and classification processes.

3. College Librarian, Veterinary College Medical Library, 2005 - 2007

To develop a customized library services, Supervision and appraisal of staff for
promotion and preparation of annual budget.

Organized and prepared the veterinary medical library for (VCN) Veterinary Council of
Nigeria Accreditation program in 2006.
Compilation of users interest profile for identification of users specific information

4. Head, Co-operative Extension Centre, UAM, Mini Library, 2004


• Management of technical reports, research papers, proceedings of conferences.

• Repackaging information resources in a usable form.


Organized the CEC mini library for the first to a professionalized and a usable status.
Assigning keywords on documents for easy retrieval

5. Head, Serials Division Francis Suleman Library UAM 1995-2004


Management of Serials Division, abstracting and indexing journal and magazines and preparation of annual budget and staff appraisal exercise etc.


Creation of two units - Abstracting and indexing and selected dissemination of information/current awareness services for the division.

6. Head, Document and Statistic Division, 1989 – 1990


Collection and management of all non-conventional library resources including, pamphlets, technical reports, annual reports, government documents, statistic report university calendars, research findings etc.

Collected over two thousand publications at no financial cost to the university through exchange, cooperation and gift programs of library network.

7. Head, Collection Development Division Makurdi, 1999


Management of Collection Development Division, compiling reconditions from colleges and departments for order, conducting bibliographic search and verification exercise using location and access tools, ordering and receiving orders and supervising the processing of orders received. Preparation of annual budget and appraising staff for promotion.


Conducted in-house training on how to use the different bibliographic tools for searching bibliographic information for recommended book for order. Verification of over 2000 books recommended for order for accurate bibliographic information.

8. SIWES coordinator, Francis Suleman Idachaba Library, 1999 - date


Coordinating all activities of students from various library schools coming for SIWES Program. Giving the students orientation, assigning tasks, supervision of tasks, grading and writing reports on them.


Conducted training for over 300 students from universities and polytechnics.

Coordinator GST 114 - both regular and sandwich program, University of
Agriculture, Makurdi 1999 - date


Coordinating GST 114 in terms of assign courses to lecturers, collating examination scripts from various lecturers, distribute the scripts for marking and submitting the result to the department.

Taught and examined over 3,000 regular and sandwich students on GST 114 Use of Library.

10. Coordinator, Master of Library and Information Science Degree Program


Oversee matters concerning the running of MLIS program, including collection and
compilation of results etc.


Developed Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS) and Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) degree program course contents and synopses.

11. Editor-in-charge, Benue Journal of Library Management and Information Science
(BJLMIS). A publication of Nigerian Librarian Association (NLA), Benue State Chapter.

Management of editorial board of the journal, including editing papers submitted for
publication from various authors and organizing editorial board meetings.

Formalized agreement to host (BJLMIS) on African Journal on-line (AJOL) website.

12. University Librarian for several occasions.

Responsible to the Vice Chancellor.

Successfully reactivated University library water system that has been out of use for
many years. Attracted a donation of TEEAL from Bill Gates Foundation.



1. Member, Nigerian Library Association (NLA)
11. Member: National Association of Library and Information Science Educators (NALISE)


1. Financial Secretary, NLA Benue State Chapter, 2003 - 2007

11. Member, Exhibition Committee on the 41 st Annual National Conference and AGM of
National Library Association, Makurdi, 7-1th September, 2003.

111. Member, Revenue Mobilization Sub-Committee for the Rehabilitation of Nkruma Hall
University of Nigeria, Nsukka, 2003

IV. Secretary, Committee for the drafting of Library Rules, 1988

v. Bible Study Secretary, Student Christian Movement (SCM), University of Ibadan, 1986-

VI. Member, Senate Ad-hoc Committee on Quality of Teaching, Learning and Research, for
November 2011 NUC Institutional Accreditation, University of Agriculture, Makurdi

V11. Member, Senate Standing Committee on Library Development, university of Agriculture,

V111. Member, College of Science Academic Board, University of Agriculture, Makurdi.

IX. Member, College of Agricultural and Science Education Academic Board, University of
Agriculture, Makurdi.

x. Member, Postgraduate Board University of Agriculture Makurdi.

Xl. Member, Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit (ACTU), University of Agriculture, Makurdi
X11. Member, Senate Standing Committee on Examination Misconduct University of Agriculture, Makurdi (UAM).

XUl. Chairman, Library and Information Science, Master and Ph.D. Degrees, Curriculum on the committee programme development.


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Research Archive

Implication of Library Work-flow - Acquire, Cat, and Put-on-Shelf on Information Service Delivery in
University Libraries in Nigeria.



1. LIS 204 Information Dissertation 2 credit units

11. LIS 205 Reference Services 2 credit units

111. LIS 417 National Information Development 2 credit units

IV. LIS 803 User Studies 3 credit units

v. LIS 804 Reference and Bibliographic Services 2 credit units

VI. LIS 808 Indexing and Abstracting 2 credit units

V11. LIS 812 Practical in Library 4 credit units

V111. LIS 813 Seminars in Library and Information Science 3 credit units