Terwase Joshua MILE

Terwase Joshua MILE
Designation: Professor
Email: mileterwase@gmail.com
Phone: 08068060023, 07057404301
Gender: Male


Name: (Surname first): MILE Terwase Joshua

Date of Birth: 15/05/1967

Place of Birth: Korinya-Gaav

Local Govt. Area: Konshisha,

State of Origin: Benue·State

Nationality: Nigerian

Sex: Male

Permanent Home Address: N.K.S.T Ber, Gbogbo-Mbavaa,
P.O. Box 36 Gboko.

Correspondence Address: Educational Foundations & General Studies,
Federal University of Agriculture,
P.M.B. 2373 Makurdi,Nigeria.

E-mail/Phone Number: mileterwase@gmail.com
08068060023, 07057404301

Marital Status: Married

Date of First Appointment in University: 15th September, 2002

Date Appointment Confirmed: 2nd September, 2008

Rank and Salary: Associate Professor of History/06/05
Rank in view: Professor of History

Areas of Specialization: Social and Economic History

Present Employer: University of Agriculture, Makurdi.


(b) Membership' of Learned Society
1. Amnesty International-Working to Protect Human Rights Worldwide
2. The United Nations Research Group
3. Adjunct Professors/ Instructors Group
4. The Texas State Historical Association {TSHA)
5. American His~orical Association
6. War, Politics & Strategy group .
7. School of Human Rights Research Group
8. Historical Society of Nigeria
9. African Historical Discourse Forum
10. International Society for Social Technology in Education (ISTE)
11. Conflict Transformation, Peace building and Security
12. World Historical Association·
4. Academic Training! Courses Attended
Computer appreciation and desktop publishing, University of Agriculture, Makurdi
e-teaching and e-learning modules, University of Agriculture, Makurdi
e-teaching and e-learning modules, Federal University Dutsin-ma, Katsina State
e-testing modules, University of Agriculture, Makurdi
e-testing modules, Federal University Dutsin-ma, Katsina State
e-examination and mex Authoring, University of Agriculture, Makurdi
e-examination and mex Authoring, Federal University Dutsin-ma, Katsina State
Authoring Training for College Examination officers and Examination Coordinators,
University of Agriculture, Makurdi.
Re;Authoring Training for College Examination Officers and Examination Coordinators,
University of Agriculture Makurdi.
10. Post Graduate School Workshop for Senior Academics involved in Teaching, Research
and Supervision at Post Graduate Levels. Post Graduate School, University of
Agriculture, Makurdi.
i. Letter of Commendation for performance {Above A grade in IJMBE 1995)
n. Letter of Commendation for performance {Above A grade in IJMBE 1996)
iii. Letter of Co~endation for performance {Above A grade in IJMBE 1997)
iv. Letter of Commendation for performance (Above A grade in IJMBE 1998)
v: Letter of Commendation for performance (Above A grade in IJMBE 1999)
VI. Letter of Commendation for performance (Above A grade in IJMBE 2000)
vii. Commended with accelerated promotion on HA TISS 11 with effect from October 2001
201 1 Africa Conference: Africa in World Politics, University of Texas U.S.A


Theses (Unpublished)
Mile, T.J. (1990) The Changing Diipension of Land Conflicts in the Middle Benue
Region. A Case of the Southern Tiv C. 1900 - 1960. BA. Dissertation, History
Department, ABU. Zaria
u. Mile, T.J. (1999) A Political Economy of Land among the Southern Tiv C.1 900- 1960.
MA. Thesis History Department, A.B.U Zaria.
iii. Mile, T.J. (2007) Urbanization in Northern Nigeria. The Establislunent and Development
ofMakurdi Town, C. 1927- 1999. Ph. D Thesis, History Department, Bayero University,
B. Articles in Learned Journals
1. Mile, T.J (2QOO) Environment and Historical Development. Benue Valley Journal of
Humanities vol. 3 No 1117 - 3232 (Pages 26 - 36).
2. Mile, T.J. (2001) Analytical and Critical Commentary on Ibn Khaldun's Philosophical
Work: The Muquaddimah. Benue Valley Journal of Humanities, Vol. 3 No. !SSM: 117-
342 (Pages 87-97).
3. Mile, T.J. & Ikuqa, .A. (2003) Women Education as a Tool of Obtaining a Stable
Democracy in Nigeria. Review of Gender Studies in ·Nigeria. (BSU) Vol.2 No. 1, (Pages
4. Mile, T.J. (2003) A Critical Review of Georgi Plekhanov's Philosophical Work: The
Materialist Understanding of History. Benue Valley Journal of Humanities vol.6. No.
ISSN: 1117; (Pages63-73).
5. Mile, T.J. (2003) Mass Media and Media Imperialism in Nigeria. African Journal of
Indigenous Development. Alp). vol.l No.1, Adagba Okpaga (edited; Pages 72- 94).
(ISSN: 2350-1422).
6. Mile, T.J. (2003) Mass Media, Democracy and National Reconciliation in Nigeria:
Perception Crisis and Options. In Odey, M. 0 . (edited) Journal of Research and
Contemporary Issues (JRCI). Benue State University. vol.l. No.1 (pages 101-110).
(ISSN: 0 189-?317).
7. Mile, T.J. & lkyuba, A (2005) "Nature, Problems and Prospects of Plantation Agriculture
in Nigeria". A Research Profile of the First Two Decades of Independence" Journal of
Economy and Society, vol. 7.No.2 (pages 72-84) (ISSN 1117-3890) .
8. Mile, T. J. (2011) "Security and Security Consciousness in Nigerian Nation; A
Comprehensive Approach" SAPHA. A Journal of Historical Studies: Faculty of Arts,
University of Ahuja, Ahuja, FCT. Vol. 2, No.1 & 2 (ISSN: 1597-7536).
9. Mile, T.J (2013) Bourgeois Historiography: A Conceptual Clarification on the concept
Egalitarianism in respect of the Tiv and Ibo societies of Central and Eastern Nigeria in
the 19th century. VUNA Journal of History and International Relations. VERITAS
University Ahuja. Vol. 1 No. 1, pp. 247-254.
10. Mile, T. J. & Ayatse, F. H. 0. (~013) "Limitation ofEurocentric Education in the Matter
of Humanitaianism and the Abolition of Slave Trade: Clarifying a Critical Issue of
Historical Interface in Afro-European Education". African Journal of Arts, Science and
Educational.Issues. Vol. 1, No.2, pp. 121-127. (ISSN: 2350-1642).
11. Mile, T.J. & Jeje, Eunice S. A. (2013) "History and the Shaping ofNigerian Leadership"
Journal of Humanities and Social Science IOSR-JHSS Volume 15:2 pp. 30-34. EISSN:
2279 0837, p-ISSN: 2279-0845. www.iosrjournals.org
12. Mile, I. I., Amonum, J. I. and Mile, T. J. (2013) Environmental Pollution Status of
Surface Water around Dangote Cement Complex Gboko, Benue State-Nigeria. Asian
Journal of Advanced Basic Sciences (ISSN No. online: 2347-4114). www.abjabs.org
13. Mile, T. J. (2014) "Urbanization and Urban Problems in Makurdi Town since three
Decades of Independence". African Journal of Arts, Science and Educational Issues: Vol.
2, No. 1. (ISSN: 2350-1642).
14. Mile, T. J. (2014) "Urbanization and Trade in the Hinterland Polities of the Bight of
Benin, Bonny and Neighbors up to the opening of Nigeria (1861)" Africa Journals of
Arts, Science and Educational Issues. Vol. 2. No. 2. ISSN 2350-1642.
15. Mile, Terwase .J. & Jeje, Eunice S. A. (2015) Catha.r ticising Leadership Challenges and
National Development in !'ligeria: A Historical Perspective. International Journal
of Humanities and Social Science Invention. ISSN (Online): 2319-7722, ISSN (Print):
2319-7714. www.ijhssi.org. Volume 4 Issue 12. December, pp. 28-31
16. Tyungu Gabriel PhD, Mile Terwase J. PhD & Obademi A.O (2015). The Force
Approach: An Assessment of Nigeria's Management of Internal Security Challenges,
Africa Journal of Arts, Science and Educational Issues Vol. 3, No.2, Pp 74-82 ISSN:
17. Mile, T.J, Imo, T.S and Ikwuba Agnes (2016) Government agricultural Spending and
Agricultural Output in Nigeria (1999-2012). International Journal of Humanities and
Social Science Invention. ISSN (Online): 2319-7722, ISSN (Print): 2319-7714.
C. Chapters in Referred Books
J 8. Mile, T.J. (2006) "A History Review of Educational Crisis in Nigeria, Implications for
Educational Development" in Ochu, A,O. (edited) Book of Readings, College of Science,
Agricultural and Science Education Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi.
Peacemakers Publishing Company. Pp. 166-178. (ISBN-978 377 4391).
19. Mile, T.J. & Koko, E.K, (2007) University Education and National Development in
Nigeria in the 21st Century: Insights on Gender Sensitivity. Innovations in Teaching &
Learning Adejoh, M. J. & lji, C. 0. [epited). Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi.
Adeka Printing and Publications. Pp. 344-356. (ISBN- 978-978-8200 0864).
20. Mile, T.J &· Koko, E.K (2008) "The Development of Urban Social Services in Makuedi
Town. 1900-1960: Educational Implications" Education for the New Millennium:
Foundations and Pedagogy. Ed. Denga, D.l and Ekoja, A.A. Calabar: Rapid Educational
Publications Ltd. Pp. 270-291.' (ISBN 978-36920-7-5).
21. Mile, T.J. (2009): "Mass Media Democracy and National Reconciliation in Nigeria:
Perception Crises and Options" Topics In The Mass Media and Public Relation Practice
in Nigeria. Ed. Keghku, T. and Melladu, B.B Makurdi Ibadan Ahuja: Aboki Publishers.
Pp 75-91 (ISBN 978-978-8409-22-9).
22. Mile, J.T &' lkyuba, A. (2010) "Commercial Sex in Makurdi Town: implication for
Education". in lji, C.O & Adejoh, M.J (edited) The Teacher in the Contemporary
Nigerian Socierty. Asofad Printing Ltd. for BJRSED Federal University of Agriculture,
Makurdi. Pp. 281-298. (ISBN 978-978-8200-0864).
23. Mile, T.J. (2013) " Types and Causes of Conflicts". Nder, O.M and Mile, T.J (Ed) Peace
and Conflict Resolution: Basic Concepts, Theories l;U1d Issues. Makurdi: Success world
Publication. Pp. 26-43 (ISBN: 978-978-833-020-10).
24. Mile, T.J (2013) "The Zaki-Biam Carnage: Problems, Factors, Actors and Issues."
Wuam, T. and lkpanor, E.T Ed. The Military Invasion of Zaki-Biam. Makurdi. Aboki
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26. Mile, T.J & Ayatse, H.F (2013) "Civil Society, Democratic Stability and National
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and Jega, A.M. The Youths Democracy and National Development. Makurdi SAP
Publishing House Pp. 70-78 (ISBN 978-978-30722-7-3).
27. Mile, T.J (2015) "Articulating Political Consciousness of the Tiv Protest of 1964 and its
class suicide" Terhemba Wuam, Cris' S Omgu and Elijah, Terdoo lkpanor Eds. Ethnic
Military agitations and Political Development in Nigeria. Vol. II. Donafrique Publisher
Ahuja. Pp. 231-238 (ISBN 978-978-760-3) .
D. Books
1. Mile, Terwas~ J.(2008) Studies on Nigerian Peoples, Culture & Contemporary Problems
of Youths. Success World Publications, Makurdi. (ISBN: 978-978-908-016-8).
2. Mile, Terwase J.(2009) Understanding History & Philosophy of Science. Success World
Publications, Makurdi. (ISSN: 978-978-908-017-5).
3. Mile Terwase J. (2010) Foundations of Philosophy & Human Existence. Success World
' Publications, Makurdi. (ISBN: 978-978-909-346-5) .
4. Mile Terwase J. (2015) Hist~ricizing Urbanization in Conceptual and Theoretical
Discourse. An Introduction. Oasis Publishing, Makurdi. (ISBN: 978-978-908-016-8)
E. Edited books
32. Nder 0. M. and Mile, T. J. (2013) Peace and Conflict Resolution: Basic Concepts,
--A, Theories and issues: Makurdi: Successworld Publications (ISBN: 978-933-020-1).
F. Monograph
33. Mile Terwase J. (2015). The political economy of historic and legal study on colonial
boundary demarcations between the Southern and Northern Nigeria: Parallels from the
Southern Tivs of Central Nigeria. Yusufu Bala Usman memorial. The Abdullahi Smith
Centre for Hi~torical Research, Hanwa, PMB 1023 Zaria, Nigeria.



Research Archive

A. Current Research:
1. Contemporary social problems and historical discourse
11. Political Economy and Development Studies
111. Urbanization Surveys & Globalization Studies
1v. Administration, Conflict Management and Democratic Research
v. Educational Performance, Attitudes, Relationships and Educational Advancement
B. Extension:
1. Agriculture, Poverty & Economic Recessions
ii.. Peace & Conflict Resolution Studies
111. Administrative and Educational Challenges
Over the years my conduction of higher research in teaching, supervision, examination and extension services has brought innovation which contributed to knowledge of academic facts especially in theses (MA & Ph.D ) and other publications. This includes production of published works and relevant textbooks, which takes great interest to university curriculum.


Teaching Experience
-Benue State Ministry of Higher Education: Lecturer ~ HOD History
-College of Advanced & Professipnal Studies, Makurdi. 1993-2002
-Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi:
-Lecturer, Educational Foundations & General Studies 2002-date
-Federal University Dutsin-Ma (Sabbatical leave) 2012-2013

Cognate Experience:
National Youth Service Corps.(NYSC) 1990-1991
Resource Person on Historical Research 1995-date
Resource Person as Returning Officer to INEC 2007-2015

Students Supervision
Supervision of about 126 undergraduates projects 2007-date
Supervision of 2 Post Graduate (MP A) Thesis, FUAM ANNEX 2009-2012
Supervision of9 Master theses in the Department ofEducational Foundation and General
Studies Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi 2009 to date (See
Attached a List of :Post Graduate Supervision and Examined Students) .

Teaching and Research Activities in Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi
1. Assistant Lecturer 1st September, 2002 - 2005
2. Lecturer II 1st October, 2005 - 2008
3. Lecturer 1 1st October, 2008 - 2011
4. Senior Lecturer 1st October, 2011-2014
5. Associate Professor 1st October, 2014 to date
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